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Titolo: Una storia unica
Autore: Sabina
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Descrizione: Every year a number of people from different countries all around the world come to see famous palaces and basilicas  which have witnessed the magnificent history behind the creation of cities in Italy. All of us come there not only for see-sighting but maybe to become a tiny part of this feel the history in there. I think tourists are charmed by the opportunity to discover  the beauty of these incredible Roman and medieval  architecture examples.  In my artwork i wanted to illustrate the  first impression from my trip to Venice..with all these thoughts  about ideas of  bravery, dream and hope which the founders had with one goal to  build something unique in such extreme environment  (full of unpredictable climate changes and etc) For me,  these facts can act as  a survival monument to the audacity of human-beings. And this postcard as a reminder of an unconditional example of courage  to dream with a strong  tradition of cultural heritage protection. This illustration is made as a  small hand-drawn map (with a view to Basilica di San Marco  and Palazzo Ducale on a lagoon) and this is  a message for everyone to contemplate the beauty of these marvellous old city landscapes.